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Summary of Bob Burg's The Art of Persuasion
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Summary of Bob Burg's The Art of Persuasion
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 There are two choices when dealing with people who are especially rude and unpleasant: you can get down on their level and become as unpleasant and rude as they are, or you can win and make them feel good about themselves and the situation.

#2 The art of persuasion is not a gimmick. It is the application of principles that will help you get what you want out of life and work, and it is not about trampling on others’ egos.

#3 The first principle of human nature is that people are inherently selfish. If you can remember this constantly, you will be able to better manipulate people in your favor.

#4 We make decisions based on several types of emotions, but they all boil down to two main drives: the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain. We decide what we’re going to do based on those two factors. Then we back up our emotional decision with a logical reason.
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