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Introduction to Signal Processing, Instrumentation  Hardcover
Introduction to Signal Processing, Instrumentation Hardcover
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World Scientific Publishing
ISBN-13: 9789814733120
ISBN-10: 9814733121
This book stems from a unique and highly effective approach in introducing signal processing, instrumentation, diagnostics, filtering, control, and system integration. It presents the interactive industrial grade software testbed of mold oscillator that captures the mold motion distortion induced by coupling of the electro-hydraulic actuator nonlinearity with the resonance of the mold oscillator beam assembly. The testbed is then employed as a virtual lab to generate input-output data records that permit unraveling and refining complex behavior of the actual production system through merging dynamics, signal processing, instrumentation, and control into a coherent problem-solving package. The material is presented in a visually rich, mathematically and graphically well supported, but not analytically overburdened format. By incorporating software testbed into homework and project assignments, the book fully brings out the excitement of going through the adventure of exploring and solving a mold oscillator distortion problem, while covering the key signal processing, diagnostics, instrumentation, modeling, control, and system integration concepts. The approach presented in this book has been supported by two education advancement awards from the College of Engineering of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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