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From Wild Man to Wise Man
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From Wild Man to Wise Man
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632534118
<P> &ldquo;Richard Rohr&rsquo;s work has been life-changing in my own experience. Over the last twenty years, no other teacher has had a more formative impact on my mind and heart than this unpretentious Franciscan brother. Being set free from the need to perform&mdash;to get it right&mdash;has been a particularly important gift for me.&rdquo;&mdash;Belden C. Lane, from the foreword<BR />  <BR /> A newly revised edition of Richard Rohr's perennial bestseller, this book reflects and incorporates his years of experience with men's work as well as changes in society. With Richard Rohr as mentor and guide, men&mdash;and women who care about men&mdash;will want to study and discuss the ideas presented here. A new foreword from Belden C. Lane emphasizes the need for this work to continue.  </P>
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