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Midnight Storm Moonless Sky
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Midnight Storm Moonless Sky
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Durvile Publications
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ISBN-13: 9781990735219
<span>Blackfoot storyteller Alexander Soop plunges us into a shocking well of imagination in his debut collection of short stories,&#160;</span><em>Midnight Storm Moonless Sky.</em><span>&#160;From hauntings on the Highway of Tears to fearful gatherings of ghosts and the sorrows of racism, Soop combines the social anxieties of Indigenous life with spellbinding flights and frights of speculative fiction. Through these enthralling stories of reality mixed with terror, readers get a wicked glimpse into the genre of Indigenous Horror &#8211; a combination of First Nations legends, dark fantasy, apocalyptic and paranormal enchantment, and monstrous secrets. In addition to his hungering to scare the wits out of readers, Alexander Soop also examines the overlooked matters affecting First Nations across the diverse world of Turtle Island.&#160;</span>
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