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Embrace Your Divine Flow
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Embrace Your Divine Flow
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Durvile Publications
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ISBN-13: 9781990735424
"Indigenous Elders to movement therapists, artists, soul session teachers, and musician healers make a unique contribution to the literature and explorations of peace, love, and healing.” — ­Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer, author of The Afterlife Frequency.<p>Created by a collective of spiritual practitioners, Embrace Your Divine Flow combines ‘evolvements’ in the form of allegorical stories with art and exercises that encourage you to undertake a journey of healing and wisdom. The authors were asked, “What is your connection to the divine—whether it be the source, the light, the power of the universe, or Newet’sine, God the Creator? How does this connection to the divine flow a path of least resistance along your river of life and beyond, and how might you share this?” Themes include sacred places, sound and sensuality, ancestors, magic and imagination, infinity, authenticity, spirits, and gratitude. Authors are Mar’ce Merrell, Antoine Mountain, Islene Runningdeer, Julian Hobson, Kayla Lappin, John Heerema, Valerie Campbell, James R. Parker, Lorene Shyba, Alex Soop, Lynda Partridge, Raymond Yakeleya, Hilda Chasia Smith, <span>Audrya Chancellor,</span><span> Iikiinayookaa Marlene Yellow Horn, and Rich Théroux. Helena Hadala's inspired and connected art from the book can seen at</span></p>
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