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My Life in Propaganda
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My Life in Propaganda
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Durvile Publications
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ISBN-13: 9781990735349
<i>My Life in Propaganda</i> is Magda Stroi&#324;ska&#8217;s personal account of growing up with communist propaganda in Eastern Europe. She looks at the influence of her family history that contradicted what she was taught at school; the cognitive and emotional effects of compulsory school readings; socialist realist art and film; and Radio Free Europe and Voice of America and their role in shaping her generation&#8217;s collective view of the world. Through her chosen field of linguistics, she analyzes ways in which propagandistic language, such as &#8216;doubletalk,&#8217; Orwellian &#8216;Newspeak,&#8217; &#8216;weasel words,&#8217; and, more colloquially, &#8216;bullshit,&#8217; is used to distort reality. The book demonstrates that democracy can never be taken for granted.&#160;
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