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Sarl Performances
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ISBN-13: 9782919527977
This fresco has set itself a challenge: that of popularizing universal history by placing, one next to the other, the representations of the world of those who have been the most representative actors, who are, or who may be one day. These characters all address the reader in the first person, as if they wanted to make him the privileged witness of their assessment, their reflections or their recommendations. You will thus be able to dialogue with Jesus Christ, Charles de Gaulle, the richest man in the world in 2023 or the Great Silver Medusa who will reign in the Indian Ocean around the year 43.000.

Obviously, all this is purely fictitious. The future is only the author's imagination and the presentation his interpretation. As for the past, it can only be very awkwardly approximate. The author leads a very complicated life today between his business to manage, his children to educate properly and his rabbit farm to feed. A decent documentation would require from him a time that he will not have before the retirement, if however there will be still retirement when he stops working.

You have in your hands a resolutely subjective encyclopedia, without pretention, without filter or taboo.
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