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Child of Morning Star
Child of Morning Star
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Durvile Publications
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ISBN-13: 9781990735226
<span>Antoine Mountain follows up his previous memoir </span><em>From Bear Rock Mountain </em><span>with the book </span><em>Child of Morning Star: Embers of an Ancient Dawn. </em><em>Child of Morning Star</em><span> is</span><em> </em><span>a poetic collection of stories that draws on Antoine Mountain's travels and knowledge as a Dene artist and a lifelong student of history. In it, he weaves stories about people and art and the moments when our world manages to pause just briefly enough that we can see the roots of our communal humanity. Each part of this book corresponds to the four directions of the Medicine Wheel and offers insight into history, social conditions, community, and the spiritual. </span><em>Child of Morning Star</em><span> looks towards the future and the promise of tomorrow.</span>