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Things Hidden Companion Guide
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Things Hidden Companion Guide
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632534507
Discover the hidden connections between Scripture and your own spiritual life.<BR /> <BR />In <I>Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality</I>, Franciscan friar and bestselling author Richard Rohr lays out his case for a view of the Bible as a living text that can transform your way of seeing the world. This companion to <I>Things Hidden</I> offers a way for you to delve even deeper into a vibrant relationship with God through Scripture.<BR />The purpose of this guide is threefold: <ul><li>To allow you to reflect on the major themes running through the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures</li><li>To learn and engage in Christian contemplative practices that deepen those reflections</li><li>To set intentions for becoming a more loving and engaged presence in the world.</li></ul>Questions for journaling and reflection, meditation prompts, and prayer practices encourage you to focus on both action and contemplation. Through these concrete lessons in linking Scripture and spirituality, you can find personal meaning in Fr. Richard&rsquo;s many insights. <BR />The guide also contains detailed suggestions for adapting the material for small groups, offering a way for faith communities to grow together in their understanding and appreciation of the Bible.<BR /><BR /><BR /> 
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