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Wandering and Welcome
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Wandering and Welcome
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632532978
Feeling unsettled or searching for peace? Looking for a new way to find hope? Every searching heart needs this book. Times are difficult; Joseph Grant's meditative delivery wraps his reader in hope, tenderness, and gratitude. <I>Wandering and Welcome</I> is a beacon of poetic kindness rooted in honesty, Scripture, and truth. You'll want to call loved ones and read pieces to them aloud. Some pages will make you sigh in astonishment, some will cause you to pause in revelation, and others will bring tears of joy and appreciation. If a book could be both giant reality check and tender hug all wrapped in one, this would be it.<BR />  <BR /> &ldquo;Amid the tumult of these frenzied times, contemplative living does not propose an escape from our very real, practical, and sometimes intractable problems. On the contrary, it suggests a way of being still, while still being in the storms that rage all around and within us.  Seasoned by tears of joy and lament, prayer-centered presence invites us to welcome the whole world by drawing it into our heart-center. Here theology mixes with theater and prophetic action with poetry, as walls come tumbling down, making way for wonder, woe, and well-being.&rdquo; &mdash;from the introduction<BR />  
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