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Yes, and...
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Yes, and...
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632532930
<DIV><P>Featuring meditations and prayers for every day of the year, <I>Yes, And&hellip; </I>supports the reader on their journey with their Christian faith. It offers a refreshing and open-minded approach to living out your faith. World-renowned spiritual teacher Richard Rohr offers an extensive collection of his thoughts and teachings for the reader to apply to their daily life. This guide supports those on their journey to find spiritual relevance in an open-minded way through excerpts from his many written and recorded works. </P><P>This deeply uplifting and all-encompassing book is broken down to seven different spiritual themes that follow.</P><P>Methodology: Scripture as validated by experience, and experience as validated by tradition, are good scales for one&rsquo;s spiritual worldview. Foundation: If God is Trinity and Jesus is the face of God, then it is a benevolent universe. God is not someone to be afraid of but is the Ground of Being and on our side. Frame: There is only one reality. Any distinction between natural and supernatural, sacred and profane is a bogus one. Ecumenical: Everything belongs, and no one needs to be scapegoated or excluded. Evil and illusion only need to be named and exposed truthfully, and they die in exposure to the light. Transformation: The separate self is the problem, whereas most religion and most people make the &ldquo;shadow self&rdquo; the problem. This leads to denial, pretending, and projecting instead of real transformation into the Divine. Process: The path of descent is the path of transformation. Darkness, failure, relapse, death, and woundedness are our primary teachers, rather than ideas or doctrines. Goal: Reality is paradoxical and complementary. Non-dual thinking is the highest level of consciousness. Divine union, not private perfection, is the goal of all religion.</P></DIV>
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