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The Purpose Promise
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The Purpose Promise
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632532916
Do you sense there is a greater purpose designed for your life and work? Good news! You were designed <I>on</I> purpose<I> for</I> a purpose. John McCarthy is here to guide you on a practical journey to gain purpose, freedom, and a life of joy!<BR /><BR /> The Renewal Journey is a 10-day, 45-minute per day retreat to gain awareness of your purpose and map out a plan to obtain it through your career search. A career of richer purpose and joy will result from your 450-minute investment in the Renewal Journey. This is the Purpose Promise. <BR /><BR /> "I will make you this promise: If you trust this simple and effective process and pour your efforts into the details, the clarity that will come will not only point you to purposeful employment but also a sustained level of immeasurable joy that will radically change your life." &mdash;John McCarthy
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