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Believe in Love
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Believe in Love
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632532473
<DIV>"Knowing how to love is never a thing acquired once and for all. We must begin anew every day. We must practice it.... We have to learn the art of loving every day." &mdash; Pope Francis, Regina Coeli, May 21, 2017<BR /><BR /> When Jorge Bergoglio was a young Jesuit, he wrote a statement of his personal beliefs. It began, &ldquo;I want to believe in God the Father who loves me like a child, and in Jesus, the Lord who infused my life with His Spirit, to make me smile and so carry me to the eternal Kingdom of life.&rdquo;  The elements of this credo inspired the selection and arrangement of the reflections gathered here: Pope Francis&rsquo;s thoughts on love for God and each other, and most importantly God&rsquo;s love for us. Here are his most intimate thoughts about the purpose and promise of love, &ldquo;the greatest power for the transformation of reality.&rdquo;<BR /><BR /> Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or end of your spiritual journey, may Pope Francis&rsquo;s words open your eyes to true love: the kind of love that will never end.<BR /><BR /><B>The audio edition of this book can be downloaded via <a href="" target="_blank">Audible.</a></B></DIV>
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