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Summary of Donald Altman's The Mindfulness Toolbox
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Summary of Donald Altman's The Mindfulness Toolbox
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#1 A mindfulness vocabulary that doesn’t rely on the word mindfulness or meditation can be extremely helpful for clients who may be resistant to meditation. You can expand your vocabulary by using metaphors like getting in the zone, paying attention, and observing with non-judgment.

#2 The ancient Sanskrit word sati was used to define the ability to observe things with a sense of bare awareness. In other words, just noticing things for what they are without adding or subtracting anything.

#3 There are many ways to describe mindfulness, such as opening to the moment, noticing the truth of change, an open-hearted acceptance of this moment, and so on.

#4 When working with clients, therapists should always try to find the right word or phrase to help them grasp mindfulness. The process of brainstorming other words or phrases can help clients identify the one that works best for them.
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