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Summary of Richard P. Brown & Patricia L. Gerbarg's The Healing Power of the Breath
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Summary of Richard P. Brown & Patricia L. Gerbarg's The Healing Power of the Breath
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The stress response system is what helps us cope with stress. It is the body’s way of dealing with stress by increasing cortisol, adrenaline, and other excitatory neurotransmitters. If this goes on for too long, the stress-response system may become exhausted, leading to a state of depression, chronic fatigue, and overreactivity.

#2 The parasympathetic nervous system, which is the healing part of the nervous system, is activated by breathing patterns. Coherent Breathing is a simple way to increase heart-rate variability and balance the stress-response systems.

#3 Coherent Breathing is breathing at a rate of five breaths per minute, around the middle of the resonant breathing rate range. Tracks 8 and 10 on the Healing Power of the Breath audio program that accompanies this book pace your breathing with a chime tone at five and six breaths per minute, respectively.

#4 To learn Coherent Breathing, start by breathing through your nose with your eyes closed. Then, as you become more comfortable, try it with your eyes open. Focus on the breathing sensations, and let other thoughts float through. Slowly decrease your breathing rate until it is at five breaths per minute.
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