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Summary of Jacques Delarue's The Gestapo
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Summary of Jacques Delarue's The Gestapo
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#1 On January 30, 1933, the fate of the world was decided in Marshal Hindenburg’s study. Hitler had just become Reich Chancellor. Von Papen became Vice-Chancellor and Commissioner for Prussia. The terror immediately descended upon Germany. It manifested itself in riots and street fighting.

#2 On February 1, Hindenburg received the decree for the dissolution of the Reichstag, which he then gave to Hitler. The elections were set for March 5. The Nazis now operated within the framework of legality. But since victory was not certain, they needed to eliminate their opponents.

#3 The Nazis were worried about the opposition still resisting them. They needed to crush the Communist party legally, so that they could eliminate its leaders and discredit the Party before the elections.

#4 The German government began arrests of Communist party members and Democrats on March 1, the same day the fire was announced. The Nazis feared a general strike from the Left, which could be the only effective weapon against them.
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