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Summary of Caroline Alexander's The Bounty
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Summary of Caroline Alexander's The Bounty
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#1 The young man was Peter Heywood, who had been on the Bounty when it mutinied and left Tahiti in 1789. He had been only a few weeks shy of seventeen when the mutiny happened, and he had turned back from the beach to set about the business of building a new life.

#2 The news of the Bounty mutiny reached England almost exactly a year before. It was sent to British and Dutch ports, and seventeen convicts attempted to escape in an attempt to join the pirates in Tahiti. The Admiralty sent a frigate, the Pandora, to hunt the mutineers.

#3 In March 1791, the Pandora sighted the lush, dramatic peaks of Tahiti. The few ships that had anchored here had all attempted to describe the vision-like beauty of the first sight of this island rising into view from the blue Pacific.

#4 The Pandora brought the remaining members of the Bounty crew to Tahiti, where they were met with great generosity from the islanders. The English were considered stingy by the islanders.
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