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Summary of Ty Tashiro's Awkward
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Summary of Ty Tashiro's Awkward
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 Awkward people see the world differently from non-awkward people. They are more likely to choose Silicon Valley or physics theory over sales or customer relations, but they can be found across a wide range of professions.

#2 Awkward people are a passionate bunch who are obsessed with the things that interest them. They are good at seeing details, picking up on patterns in those details, and taking a systematic approach to problems.

#3 Awkward people are often given well-intentioned advice such as Just put yourself out there, but for awkward individuals, this advice does not make sense. They think that being themselves means being awkward, and they doubt that kids are jealous of their social life.

#4 There is a wealth of scientific research about social awkwardness, but it can be difficult to understand it all. I have tried to be fair about summarizing the theories and research findings in the book, but I constantly had to keep in mind that awkward people are prone to becoming so enthused by an area of interest that they begin lecturing others about uninteresting minutiae.
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