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Summary of Paul Dolan's Happiness by Design
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Summary of Paul Dolan's Happiness by Design
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#1 Happiness is defined as pleasure and purpose over time. In chapter 2, I will present some new research that shows how people are happy as they go about their daily lives. In chapter 3, I will explain how we can understand what causes happiness.

#2 Happiness is the feeling of pleasure and purpose over time. It is a coherent definition that resonates with people in my research and in my life. It is also measurable, which is crucial if we are to advance our understanding of happiness.

#3 Happiness has typically been measured using evaluations of how well life is going overall. However, this is not how most people experience happiness. Single questions can help us approximate what makes most people happy or unhappy, but they do not take into account how people feel on a day-to-day basis.

#4 Life satisfaction is very difficult to measure, and it is affected by many factors. We need to focus on our day-to-day feelings instead of global snapshots of overall life satisfaction.
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