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Summary of Sharon Weinberger's The Imagineers of War
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Summary of Sharon Weinberger's The Imagineers of War
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#1 When Michiaki Ikeda was six years old, the nuclear age smacked him in the face with a blinding flash of light. The bomb had the explosive equivalent in force of more than twenty kilotons of TNT, and it flattened almost everything within a kilometer radius. The concrete hospital building was mostly left standing, but the majority of the people inside were killed.

#2 The bomb dropped on Nagasaki was the third atomic device ever detonated. The first atomic explosion, called the Trinity Test, was conducted in secrecy on July 16, 1945, at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Americans learned about this new weapon after Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6 of that year.

#3 The atomic bomb proved that knowledge was power, and whatever nation had the most knowledge would have an edge in the next war. The Soviet Union might have been allies with the United States in their victory over Germany, but their interests diverged even before Japan surrendered.

#4 Operation Paperclip was the American military intelligence program that was scooping up German scientists and engineers to bring to the United States. The project had already garnered the biggest bounty: von Braun and his team of rocket scientists.
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