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Summary of Joseph P. Farrell's SS Brotherhood of the Bell
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Summary of Joseph P. Farrell's SS Brotherhood of the Bell
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#1 The Battle of the Bulge was the last large German offensive of World War II, and the German Reich was already finished. But General George S. Patton wrote a remark in his war diary on January 4, 1945, that the war could still be lost.

#2 The Nazi atom bomb is the hidden logic behind the operational plans of both sides late in the war, and it is very likely the hidden operational logic behind the otherwise militarily indefensible German offensive in the Ardennes.

#3 There was more to German rocketry than just lobbing short-ranged V-1s and V-2s on London and other western European cities. Some long range prototype may have already been tested.

#4 The SHAEF forecast, which was based on the date of Germany’s capitulation in 1944, strongly influenced the planning in Washington and in this theater. With the exception of a few modifications and improvements in the U. S. Air Forces, their weapons and tactics are still the same as they were in 1942.
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