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Summary of Donald P. Ryan's 24 Hours in Ancient Egypt
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Summary of Donald P. Ryan's 24 Hours in Ancient Egypt
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#1 The midwife had brought along a couple of small statuettes, neither of which were particularly attractive. The god Bes was there to help, and he was depicted as a short, pudgy, ugly dwarf. The fertility goddess Heqet was prominently displayed in the home.

#2 Weret places both of the images in a position overlooking the birth to enhance their influence. Taweret, with her composite features, is the fiercest of the three protective deities.

#3 The midwife, Weret, was sure that the baby would not survive. But he did, and was named Nefer. The midwife thought that the baby would be both well behaved and attractive, but he instead smelled of fish like his father.

#4 The baby boy will be nursed by his mother for a few years, and then he'll be segued into his father's profession. He'll spend his time playing and running about with other children, but he'll soon be pushed into his father's profession.
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