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Summary of Marin Sardy's The Edge of Every Day
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Summary of Marin Sardy's The Edge of Every Day
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 My mother has described to me the earth, and how it is composed of tectonic plates that move hundreds of miles with ease. She has explained to me that the universe exists in two streams: our tangible, everyday reality, and a separate, inner place of the imagination and spirit.

#2 My mother’s travel habit began in the grip of her descent into psychosis three decades ago, when she was nearly forty and I was ten. She would jet from Hawaii to North Africa to Australia, and then return periodically to many of those places over the next several years.

#3 Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that causes distortions in perception, thought, and emotion. It arises from chemical and physical processes inside the brain. We have not yet fully grasped how the brain creates perception, thought, and emotion.

#4 Schizophrenia is a syndrome that consists of symptoms that typically occur together and are causally linked. It is not a disease as the term is generally understood, but rather a constellation of symptoms that gradually fade into normalcy.
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