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Summary of Douglas Harding's Head Off Stress
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Summary of Douglas Harding's Head Off Stress
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The secret of the stress-free life is the simplest of all experiences: simple to point out, simple to get, simple to share, and simple to renew. You must observe three rules: The first is that you carry out the tests. If you just read about them, nothing will happen and you will be wasting your time. The second is that you go by what you find.

#2 Everything on Earth is stressed. If you were no thing, you would be stress-free. Conversely, if you were all things, you would be stress-free. And if by great good luck you were both no thing and all things, you would be stress-free.

#3 Your appearance to others is that you are solid, opaque, colored, and shaped. But when you look at yourself from a distance, you see that you are actually a blob in the landscape. This is the most accurate view of you.

#4 You are the perfect union of stress-free exclusiveness and stress-free inclusiveness. You can see that there is nothing inside you, and that you have nothing of your own to be stressed about.
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