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Summary of Lia Macko & Kerry Rubin's Midlife Crisis at 30
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Summary of Lia Macko & Kerry Rubin's Midlife Crisis at 30
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The demands of work are beginning to interfere with the demands of being a friend, wife, daughter, and woman. If we don’t learn how to integrate our personal, social, and professional lives, we’ll become the angry woman on the other side of a mahogany desk who questions her staff’s work ethic after standard 12-hour workdays.

#2 The two of us had already tried and failed to create the space needed to address these fundamental questions about moving forward. We both changed jobs, networks, and even cities in pursuit of something better, but we kept circling back to the same starting point and similar feelings of being boxed into futures we didn’t want to sign off on.

#3 The scope of our research broadened when we began interviewing other 25- to 37-year-old college-educated women. We spoke with a large sample of women living across the country, from businesswomen to stay-at-home mothers, law partners to social workers, entrepreneurs to graduate students, and office managers to artists.

#4 We realized that we might have stumbled on a new Problem with No Name. After thinking about it for a while, we recognized what it was. We are a generation in the middle of a Midlife Crisis at 30.
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