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Summary of Peter Hook's Unknown Pleasures
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Summary of Peter Hook's Unknown Pleasures
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#1 I was born in 1956 in Salford. My parents split up when I was young, and I and my brother went to live with our grandmother. We had little to do except mooch around and kick a tin.

#2 In 1962, Bill was offered a new job that would take him and his family to Jamaica. They were moving there, and my mother was terrified because they would only have chicken and chips for dinner for seventeen days.

#3 My family and I moved to Kingston, Jamaica, where I went to a private school. The locals had gotten tired of the Chinese and whites running all the businesses, and had begun to turf them out.

#4 When Bill’s contract came up for renewal, his wife persuaded him to move back to Salford. However, when they were paid a visit by police and tax officials, who claimed that Bill had mis-paid his taxes, they were unable to leave until he paid them.
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