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Summary of Robert A. Doughty's The Breaking Point
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Summary of Robert A. Doughty's The Breaking Point
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#1 The fighting that occurred near Sedan between 10–16 May 1940 was shaped by the competing strategies of France and Germany. France relied on a defensive strategy, while Germany relied on an offensive strategy. By attacking northern Belgium and the Netherlands with a minimum number of forces, Germany sought to deceive the French and convince them that the main attack was coming through northern and central Belgium.

#2 France’s strategy was to defend herself against a German attack, and she believed victory could be hers only if she first defended herself successfully against a German attack. She accepted the requirement for a total war and the complete mobilization of all her resources.

#3 The French had a difficult time deciding how to defend their borders after World War I. They believed that fortifications would strengthen their defenses and enable them to overcome the manpower advantages of Germany.

#4 The French plan was to rush forward and establish a defensive position in northern and central Belgium. They assumed that Germany would violate Belgium’s neutrality first, so they could use it as a basis for their entry into Belgium.
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