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Summary of Gordon Marino's Basic Writings of Existentialism
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Summary of Gordon Marino's Basic Writings of Existentialism
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#1 Søren Aabye Kierkegaard was the father of existentialism. He was born in Copenhagen in 1813. He entered the University of Copenhagen in 1830, but it took him more than a decade to finish his degree. He passed his exams in 1840 and a year later completed his dissertation, On the Concept of Irony: With Constant Reference to Socrates.

#2 Kierkegaard wrote about the relation between ethics and religion, and he suggested that faith was about the attempt to follow Christ in his self-denial, suffering, and ultimately in his humiliation. He no longer wanted to participate in making a fool of God.

#3 The ethical is the universal, and it applies to everyone at all times. It is immanent in itself and has nothing outside itself that is its end, but it is its own end. The single individual, sensuously and psychically qualified in immediacy, is the individual who has his end in the universal.

#4 Faith is the paradox that the individual is higher than the universal, yet justified before it. It is a higher position that cannot be mediated, and yet it exists eternally. It is this paradox that Abraham believed in, and it is this paradox that makes faith exist.
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