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Summary of Jolene Hart's Eat Pretty
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Summary of Jolene Hart's Eat Pretty
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Everest Media LLC
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ISBN-13: 9798822512832
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 You’ve made the choice to show up for life bright-eyed, energetic, vibrant, glowing, and healthy. You no longer want to see beauty and feel beautiful only when under a cover of foundation and lipstick. You want your best self in every breath, thought, step, and yes, every bite.

#2 The foods that damage your skin, hair, and nails are the Beauty Betrayers. They cause inflammation and digestive difficulties, increase your body’s toxic load, speed up the aging process, and leave you feeling exhausted and craving more foods that stress your beauty from the inside out.

#3 To truly transform your beauty and health, you must eliminate the foods that undermine your beauty. These include alcohol, caffeine, canned foods with bisphenol A, dairy, and dairy products, both organic and conventional.

#4 Foods that are high in fat are not the only things that can harm your beauty. Fried foods, gluten, and grilled and overcooked foods are also harmful to your beauty.
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