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Summary of Candice Covington's Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice
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Summary of Candice Covington's Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice
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#1 Alchemy is the process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of great value. It is a form of spiritual alchemy, which involves the transformation of the self from a singular inward-turning consciousness to one that is awakened, dynamic, and open to the subtle energies around us.

#2 Matter is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. The world we see is made up of chunks of information contained in energy vibrating at different frequencies. Our own vibrational signature is immensely diverse, and we constantly come in and out of solidity.

#3 The natural world offers us a treasure trove of vibrational tools that we can use to positively influence our own natural signature, or vibrational pattern. When these energetic signatures resonate with our vibrational patterns, we can use them to precisely fine-tune our own energetic bodies.

#4 The idea of a collective reality is that the energetic patterns arising from Source (or God, or the universe, or whatever font of creation you choose to believe in) imbue each of us with certain preset ways of perceiving and understanding reality. These thoughtforms can be understood as organizers of ideas that ultimately lead to forms and behaviors.
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