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Summary of Bret Baier & Catherine Whitney's Three Days at the Brink
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Summary of Bret Baier & Catherine Whitney's Three Days at the Brink
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#1 Roosevelt’s mother, Sara, had never imagined that her son would be president. But he was, and he became the champion of the common man. The depth and purpose that he gained from his paralyzing illness gave him a depth and purpose that had not been noticeable before.

#2 Roosevelt was born with a disability, but he was also endowed with a number of natural talents and characteristics that served his mission in life well. He was an optimistic personality, a sincere charm, and a deep sense of fairness.

#3 Franklin Roosevelt’s mother, Sara, was the wind beneath his wings. She was deeply interested in her son’s intellectual, emotional, and character development, and she was often unconventional in her parenting approach.

#4 Franklin was a sociable boy, and he enjoyed the company of others. He was also extremely curious, and he loved learning about new things. He was never lonely, as he had a constant stream of adults to keep him company.
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