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Summary of Adele Revella's Buyer Personas
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Summary of Adele Revella's Buyer Personas
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#1 The launch of Apple's iPhone in 2007 is a prime example of how companies cannot avoid the most basic rule of business: know your customer. In Japan, the iPhone 3G was gathering dust on store shelves by the end of 2008, despite exceeding demand in other countries.

#2 The 60 percent statistic is not universally applicable, but the trend is clear: customers who have the resources and networks to make buying decisions without your input are happy to do so. Marketers must become good listeners if they want to be effective communicators.

#3 The most important aspect of buyer personas is to listen to your buyers tell a story about a considered decision. This is the foundation of understanding them as a buyer.

#4 Buyer Personas are meant to represent typical customers, and while they can be useful in understanding a customer's needs, they should not be used to persuade internal stakeholders.
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