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Summary of Jim Rohn's Leading an Inspired Life
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Summary of Jim Rohn's Leading an Inspired Life
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The first key to discipline is awareness of the need for and value of discipline, especially the discipline to make the necessary changes. Willingness and commitment are the second and third keys to discipline, respectively.

#2 Discipline is the process of putting a lid on temper and courtesy, and developing the positive and controlling the negative. It is the continuing process that brings all the good things.

#3 The key to achieving the good life is not learning how to set goals. It is not learning how to better manage your time. It is not mastering the attributes of leadership. The key is self-discipline, as in consistent self-discipline. It takes consistent self-discipline to master the arts of setting goals, time management, leadership, parenting, and relationships.

#4 It takes discipline to change a habit, because once habits are formed, they act like a giant cable that is nearly unbreakable. We must unweave every strand of the cable of habits, slowly and methodically, until the cable becomes nothing more than scattered strands of wire.
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