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Summary of Michael Cornwall's Go Suck a Lemon
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Summary of Michael Cornwall's Go Suck a Lemon
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 In 1992, a man named Albert Ellis gave a speech at a conference. He was no one and everyone, all at the same time. He was unapproachable, yet he showed a certain measure of enthusiasm and caring. He could have passed for a janitor, the president of some small, impoverished eastern European nation, or a crackpot.

#2 Dr. Ellis, the founder of rational emotive behavior therapy, was fond of saying that people are not disturbed by things, but by their view of things. He stressed that people have a natural human potential for deciding their emotions, but they don’t develop this ability.

#3 Al’s approach to REBT is to use bodily gases and cuss words to describe his thoughts and feelings. I decided to use his approach to practice REBT with my clients. I would have to get in touch with my thoughts and perceptions in order to change them.

#4 I learned that the word fuck didn’t elicit the same kind of response for Al when he used it. I also learned that REBT is easy to practice badly.
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