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Some Good Sweet Treats
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Some Good Sweet Treats
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Breakwater Books Ltd
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ISBN-13: 9781550818314
<p><strong>***READER VIEWS COOKING AWARD - GOLD*** </strong></p>

<p>In <em>Some Good: Sweet Treats</em>, Jessica Mitton follows the success of her first cookbook, <em>Some Good</em>, with the course that everyone’s been waiting for—dessert! With decadent chocolate delights, oat-based goodies, muffins, cakes, squares, and cookies, these recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. Because these sweet confections, baked wonders, and delicious desserts are made in ways that are healthier and more nutritious. Now you can make truly tasty treats that are gluten and dairy free, incorporating healthier ingredients that will make everyone feel Some Good!</p>
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