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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World  Jealousy
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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World Jealousy
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
Publication Year:
ISBN-13: 9781629780702
Editor recommends:Four novels, a photographic story...... about love moving, lust, jealousy, the reason why a section of worldly love worth pondering finally slipped falling to the dark abyss? " Mystery World " was departuring again, and wish a warm encounter with you in the story.Content introduction:||A gluttonous lady who named Yimei Xue. Witten by Jie TongA Woman cook strayed into the demon world and brought on the sadness,......Tough human are on different routes with all the monsters, does it show up the human face in reality?Three thousand worlds could be birth and death in a moment, everything rises from the sensation of heart.Devil's bladder || Written by Yuexiao QinRumors, who want to be loved, must be in beautiful skins, and who want to get beautiful skins, must be at the expense of the heart...... however, the beauty who lost heart also known by another name, the devil.Ossification ||Written by Yi YouDeath will swallow skin and bone, but it is not always wielding a sickle, sometimes it is very small, dressed in thick white hair. Be careful, they skipped coming.Symbiosis ||Written by Jianzi LongEach of the two takes what he needs during this deformity relationship, just like the mutualism in biological, both sides grow together, and ride to...... death.Photo Story: puppet box • A room must pass through || Yanling WangWe walk in a dream, falling from one to another space time, it widely opens it’s innocent eyes looking at you in your deepest sleep, and you will feel palpitations when you wake up.
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