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A story to kill time
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A story to kill time
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ISBN-13: 9782916637488
<b>A dreamlike travel in the Vikings and Lapps land !</b><br><br>Magnus, a ten-year old Norwegian boy, discovers a magic bookcase which enables him to travel in time through Scandinavian history. In the company of Rognetide the troll, Magnus goes off to explore the life of the Vikings in the year 1000. He meets Erik the Red, whom he follows in his different trips across the world.<br><br><b>Discover the first volume of Magnus adventures and dive in the nordic culture and scandinavian mythology !</b><br><br>EXTRACT<br><br>Magnus agreed with Rognetide. What else could they do? He was nevertheless terribly anxious. They were lost in this frozen wilderness, alone, with nothing to help them progress in the thick snow. A chain of snow covered hills stretched to the horizon and in between stood vast pine and birch forests. They looked dark and frightening. Now and then the shriek of a raven pierced the air, dramatically increasing the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Magnus had never imagined that you could feel so small and insignificant or be in so much danger by just being in contact with nature. At sundown, when twilight crept in, they heard wolves howling in the distance and later Rognetide picked out in the moonlight the silhouette of a pack at the top of a hill. They were not far, Rognetide remained calm and tried to be rational.<br><br>ABOUT THE AUTORS<br><br><b>Laurent Peyronnet</b> writes novels, tales and short stories. Passionate about traveling, he discovers Norway in 1997 and falls in love with this country. He becomes guide there: during 15 years, he comes along French-speaking travelers. His novel <i>Magnus, a story to kill time</i> is the meeting point between his passion for writing and for Norway.<br><b>Godo</b> considers that a blank page is full of opportunities and a place where anything could appear. Since his first papers, he builds a world populated by goblins, trolls and dragons. At the present time, he works at the realisation of fantasy video games and a serie of tales (for this project, he will be illustrator, author and composer): <i>Les contes de la forêt d'Orthana</i>.
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