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Her Voice, Her Century
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Her Voice, Her Century
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Brindle & Glass
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ISBN-13: 9781927366011
<p>An original collection of four plays about unsung women from the history of the Canadian west. With theatrical twists and turns, <i>Her Voice, Her Century</i> takes us from an English doctor plunked into the middle of Alberta's unsettled north country, to a Canadian journalist covering the First World War, to the scandalous relationship between an Alberta politician and a young secretary, to the lives and work of two influential early Canadian photographers.</p><p>Written for contemporary audiences and drawing heavily on newspaper articles, private letters, and court transcripts, this collection captures an authenticity of voice, using techniques of historical drama to connect the dots. Includes photos from the Provincial Archives of Alberta along with details of original production choices and stills from the productions.</p><p>The plays included in the book are <i>Letters from Battle River, Respecting the Action for Seduction,</i> and <i>The Unmarried Wife</i>, co-written by David Cheoros and Karen Simonson, and <i>Firing Lines</i>, written by Debbie Marshall.</p>
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