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Climbing Patrick's Mountain
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Climbing Patrick's Mountain
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Brindle & Glass
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ISBN-13: 9781926972039
<p class="book_description"><b>Climbing Patrick&#8217;s Mountain<i> is bestselling author Des Kennedy&#8217;s haunting and elegant tale about coming to terms with one&#8217;s past.</i></b></p> <p class="book_description">Expatriate Irishman Patrick Gallagher, an accomplished but eccentric breeder of prized roses, returns to Ireland as a celebrity host to lead a tour of Irish gardens, and hopes to attract the eye of a wealthy patron to donate funds to his garden back home. What is planned to be a pleasant and lucrative trip soon becomes a voyage of overcoming a painful history as the protagonist encounters the very reasons he left Ireland in the first place. Just as Patrick begins to reconcile with his demons, time runs out in a poignant conclusion.</p> <p class="book_description">A vivid coming-of-middle-age story set in today&#8217;s Ireland, <i>Climbing Patrick&#8217;s Mountain</i> embraces the contradiction of the Irish sensibility: grand humour in the face of ultimate tragedy.</p>
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