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Falling from Grace
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Falling from Grace
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Brindle & Glass
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ISBN-13: 9781897142844
<p class="book_description"><b>Winner of a 2011 Independent Publisher Book Award Silver Medal</b></p><p class="book_description">Sometimes it&#8217;s the little things in life that make all the difference, like chromosomes, sperm, bugs or an endangered seabird that nests in old-growth forests. But, what&#8217;s big or what&#8217;s little depends entirely on your perspective. Faye Pearson is a three-and-a-half-foot tall female scientist doing entomological research in the tallest trees on Vancouver Island, who is pit with a ragtag group of protesters against the might of a multinational logging corporation.</p> <p class="book_description">The story of Faye and her struggle to function in a world not made for people her size is poignant and heart-warming. Whether she is lusting after her climbing partner, standing up to a conflicted logging boss, dressing down an insulting interviewee, nurturing a wayward child in the midst of an environmental standoff, or being carted off under the arm of a Mountie, you&#8217;ll be unable to resist this amazing woman. There is a fall in Eriksson&#8217;s novel, but also incredible moments of grace. <i>Falling from Grace</i> is a novel of no small achievement.</p>
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