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Come 'n' Get It
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Come 'n' Get It
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Heritage House
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ISBN-13: 9781772031270
<p>A wholesome and hearty collection of authentic recipes and local history from ranch country.</p>

<p><i>Come ‘n’ Get It</i> is an authentic collection of down-home recipes and early Western Canadian ranch lore. Featuring material and recipes gathered from letters, history books, family cookbooks, and interviews with ranching families, this book represents a cross-section of Canada’s ranching country, extending from the Cariboo area of British Columbia through southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. From scrumptious desserts such as Prince of Wales Cake to comfort-food favourites such as Ranch House Meat Loaf and Chicken ‘n’ Dumplings to the quirkily named Belly Busters, Sheep Wagon Cake, and Son-of-a-Gun-in-a-Sack, these recipes have been thoroughly tested and adapted for modern cooks.</p>
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