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Campfire Stories of Western Canada
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Campfire Stories of Western Canada
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Heritage House
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ISBN-13: 9781772031140
<p>A fun-for-all-ages collection of over thirty spooky stories in settings across Western Canada.</p>

<p>When friends and family gather around a campfire, good times and scary stories are sure to follow. In <i>Campfire Stories of Western Canada</i>, Barbara Smith, the author of twenty books of true ghost stories from across Canada, presents a creepy collection of tales tailor-made for your family’s next foray into the British Columbia or Alberta wilderness. Suitable for campers aged eight to eighty, these tales combine truth and local legend with truly bone-chilling results. From the phantom swimmer on a Vancouver Island beach to the lost lights of Waterton Provincial Park, these tales will keep the shivers running down your spine long after the campfire’s last embers have died away.</p>
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