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Acting Out
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Acting Out
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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
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ISBN-13: 9780888688965
<p>Are you one of the thousands of Canadians who work or volunteer with children and youth? Do you know:</p>


<li>• how to respond effectively when a young person behaves aggressively?</li>

<li>• what kinds of aggression are considered normal for a young person’s age and stage of development?</li>

<li>• what kinds of aggression may suggest that a young person has a problem that needs specialized intervention?</li>


<p><em>Acting Out</em> aims to help you answer “yes” to these questions. It describes the causes of aggressive behaviour in young people, and discusses approaches to handling it.</p>

<p>Aggression among young people is an important social issue. Fortunately, early intervention and treatment can significantly reduce the risk of harmful outcomes. This book:</p>


<li>• explains various types of aggressive behaviour exhibited by young people</li>

<li>• identifies factors related to aggressive behaviour</li>

<li>• distinguishes between normal aggression and aggression that is of greater concern</li>

<li>• gives practical advice on how to address aggression in children and youth</li>

<li>• highlights proven prevention and intervention strategies and indicates strategies to avoid</li>

<li>• discusses the assessment and diagnosis of more serious aggressive behaviour in young people.</li>


<p><em>Acting Out</em> is a valuable tool for anyone who works with young people, including teachers and school administrators, day-care and recreation centre workers, youth shelter workers, social service workers, sports coaches, youth leaders, camp counsellors and directors.</p>
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