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A Guide to Animal Behaviour
A Guide to Animal Behaviour
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ISBN-13: 9780864927873
<p><b>Shortlisted for the Governor General's Award for Fiction</b></p><p><i>A Guide to Animal Behaviour</i> is a stunning collection of stories by an author who is fast becoming one of the great, innovative story writers of his generation. Following on the heels of his widely acclaimed comic novel, <i>The South Will Rise at Noon</i>, Douglas Glover&#39;s new collection smashes all the fictional moulds.</p><p>Urbane, stylish, and off-beat, the stories in this collection touch the lives of an astonishing array of characters whose common experience is of a world that is wayward yet full of marvels: a born-again Christian from Kentucky who loses his memory and ends up finding true love in glitzy Bel Air; two women who fall in love only to be parted when one dies of cancer; a man who goes to live in a cardboard box when his wife leaves him for the manager of a Toys R Us store; an eighteenth-century Canadian pioneer who believes he is being persecuted by witches.</p><p>This is sophisticated fiction at its best. A maximalist writer of ideas, he packs his sentences with energy, exuberant imagery and amazing turns of thoughts.</p>