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God's Love Song
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God's Love Song
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632534651
The Canticle of the Creatures &ldquo;is Francis&rsquo;s love song. It is Franciscan wholeness, for in it is contained the depth of his prayer and of his life in Christ. In its singing he was singing his dying and his rising, for his song was a journey of praise and thanksgiving for his place of origin and his destination, the Most High, All-Powerful, Good Lord.&rdquo;&mdash;Murray Bodo<BR />  <BR /> Using St. Francis&rsquo;s canticle as a framework, Murray Bodo, a Franciscan friar, and Susan Saint Sing, a secular Franciscan, reflect on the vision of Francis and Clare as it has played out over the course of their own lives. Susan&rsquo;s experiences of healing during trips to Assisi and praying in nature and Murray&rsquo;s deep understanding of Francis and Clare as poets and mystics come together in a duet that brings God&rsquo;s love song to life.<BR />  <BR /> These deeply personal reflections explore the power of prayer and meditation, the sacredness of all creation, and the pull of sacred places. This meditative, reflective reading experience conveys what a lifetime of Franciscan spirituality looks like and will draw you into exploring your own experience of the vision of Francis and Clare.<BR />  <BR />  
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