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Men's garments
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Men's garments
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ISBN-13: 9782377810277
<b>Flat pattern drafting and design fashion book for men's garments.</b><br><br>This method uses a logical drafting technique called ""flat pattern design” that provides key formulas that apply to all fashions. <br><br>A complete men’s wardrobe can be made using this method from shirts to coats: shirts, ties, vests, knitwear, tailored pants, jeans, suits, jackets and coats in all styles (classic and timeless, fashion, luxury, sport).<br><br>ABOUT THE AUTHOR<br><br><b>Claire Wargnier</b> is a graduate of ESMOD, the world's oldest and most renowned fashion design school, where she was a pattern-drafting professor during thirty years. Her experience in the different sectors of the fashion industry have allowed her to adapt her teaching methods to the students' needs. She is also a consultant in the fashion industry, works and lives in Paris.
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