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Cone Dog
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Cone Dog
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Owlkids Books Inc.
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ISBN-13: 9781771476294
<p><strong>A pesky cone becomes a doggie dream come true in this canine companion to <em>Cone Cat</em></strong></p>

<p>One day, Emma the dog leaves the vet with a giant plastic lampshade on her head. It cuts off her corners, dulls her digging, and makes Garson the greyhound gawk. One thing is clear—the cone is <em>not </em>good, and the only thing left to do is sulk.</p>

<p>When Emma’s human tries to cheer her up with a game of fetch, Emma discovers that the cone miraculously catches every ball she fumbles! Emma realizes the cone has other surprising advantages too, from serving as a helmet during her hallway hurtles to helping her dig at triple-speed. Best of all, the cone plays a pivotal role in Emma’s master plan to scare off the sneaky neighborhood squirrel, Keith.</p>

<p>Eventually, the cone comes off and Emma is free, but the important lesson she learned from her cone days remains: cone or no cone, it’s Emma’s inventive spirit that make her the Best. Dog. Ever. This fresh and funny follow-up to <em>Cone Cat </em>is a charming ode to ingenuity and making the best out of a <em>ruff </em>situation.</p>
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