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Body Safety for Young Children
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Body Safety for Young Children
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ISBN-13: 9781636501314
<P><B>Empower children and prevent sexual abuse</B><BR />   </P><P> In today&rsquo;s world, it&rsquo;s crucial that we equip our children with the tools they need to stay safe. Yet, many caring adults simply don&rsquo;t know where to begin. </P><P> Written for educators and parents by a prevention education expert, <I>Body Safety for Young Children</I> is the comprehensive guide you need to navigate this complex and sensitive issue. Author Kimberly King takes the fear out of sexual-abuse prevention and makes it child-friendly and approachable, so you can confidently communicate with children and protect them from harm. </P><P> Packed with extraordinary stories, prevention skills, talking points, and what-if scenarios, this compassionate resource book is the ultimate toolkit for educators and families looking to prevent child sexual abuse. From body-safety lessons to social-media safety, the practical guide covers everything you need to know to keep children safe and informed. The tips, themes, shareable resources, and book suggestions will help you build a strong foundation of body-safety skills and provide simple safety strategies that work.<BR />   </P><ul><li> Learn who typical child sexual abusers are. (Hint: It&rsquo;s almost never the &ldquo;man in the van.&rdquo;) </li><li> Discover how to create safety circles of trusted adults. </li><li> Learn how to teach child-friendly body-safety techniques and code words. </li><li> Find out why using correct &ldquo;doctor words&rdquo; for body parts is so important. </li><li> Discover how to arrange a classroom for safety. </li></ul>
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