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Parents For Sale
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Parents For Sale
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Les Éditions Dre Nicole
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ISBN-13: 9781998096145
Luke and Lucy’s parents threaten to sell their golden retriever, Pistachio, since they don’t take care of her as they promised. As soon as their parents’ car is out of sight, Luke, Lucy and Pistachio go into the garage. Luke begins painting big white letters on a piece of dark cardboard: Parents for Sale.

Three families come to buy, trade, or rent their parents without success. As soon as the twins sell their parents to the fairy orphan, she transforms into a witch who wishes to eat them in a stew. How will the twins save their parents? The AuthorHouse first edition of this book received eight book awards or honorable mentions. There is also an audiobook available on Audible.

1rst Paperback edition was a Readers’ Favorite book winner.
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