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Calm and in Control
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Calm and in Control
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Gryphon House Inc.
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ISBN-13: 9781636501277
<B>Self-regulation isn&rsquo;t something we&rsquo;re born with. It&rsquo;s a skill we learn and improve over time.</B><BR /> The better we are at self-regulation, the more successful we will be at life&rsquo;s tasks. Most children learn self-regulation&mdash;the ability to remain calm and in control of our thoughts, actions, and emotions&mdash;in response to an external event or stimuli, between the ages of three and seven.<BR /> This book provides simple and effective strategies and activities to help every child in a preschool or kindergarten classroom learn to regulate their emotions and behaviors. Some children may need help recognizing that something is upsetting or overly exciting. Others may have difficulty knowing how to calm down and take control of their emotions or behaviors on their own.<BR /> Discover how to create a nurturing and consistent learning environment that supports all children as they navigate learning, social interactions, and impulse control throughout the day. Explore techniques to support: <ul><li> Turn-taking </li><li> Sharing </li><li> Lining up as a group and coping with not being first in line </li><li> The ability to refrain from blurting out answers </li><li> Freedom from separation anxiety </li><li> The ability to handle transitions </li><li> Regrouping after something funny happens </li><li> Impulse control </li><li> Socially appropriate behavior </li></ul> You will find yourself referring to this book often for ideas on enriching the day with sensory play activities and strategies that prevent disruptive behaviors!
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